Dodo Birds Were Not Dumb

KRT TRAVEL STORY SLUGGED: MAURITIUS KRT PHOTOGRAPH BY LARRY BLEIBERG/DALLAS MORNING NEWS (August 21) A hiker views the volcanic landscape of Reunion Island. (DA) PL KD 2000 (Vert) (lde)

Almost everyone has heard of the extinct Dodo bird. The Dodo’s name implies that the animal lacked intelligence and was rather stupid; however, scientists now say that the Dodo’s brain was actually pretty proportional to its size. In fact, Dodos had a brain proportional to that of a modern pigeon. Scientists also say that Dodos had a better sense of smell than most birds, most likely used to sniff out ripe fruit. Dodos lived on the island of Mauritius until they went extinct sometime in the late 1600’s. They grew to be about 3 feet tall and could weigh up to fifty pounds. Paleontologist Mark Norell of the American Museum of Natural History in New York explained how the Dodo got its reputation by saying, “It had a catchy name, had a ridiculous appearance, was flightless, and because of its lack of fear toward humans, probably due to its isolated habitat, made easy prey: traits which easily could have been attributed to stupidity.” But Norell added, “Intelligence is a very hard quantity to measure.”

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  1. thank you, i am indeed a descendant of the dodo bird and it really frustrates me when people insult me by saying eye am of low intelligence. thank you for telling these gentlefish that i am intelligent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! free at last