Bird Receives 3D Printed Beak

The Glowforge 3D printer starts at $1,995 for a basic model, and up to $3,995 for the more advanced machine. (Steve Ringman/Seattle Times/TNS)

3D printers have been used to make amazing scientific improvements, such as new prosthetics for amputees. Now the 3D printer has been used to create a beak for a bird. The bird, a Brazilian macaw named Gigi, was the first bird to ever receive a 3D printed beak. The bird’s beak was so damaged that he could not even eat solid foods, which would have made it very difficult for him to survive on his own. A team of veterinarians in Brazil created the new beak for Gigi. The beak was made out of titanium and was implanted onto the bird after it was made. This particular team of veterinarians has created other 3D printed materials to help animals in the past few years. Gigi the macaw is now back in action and fully recovered with his new beak.

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