Who Owns the Land in the U.S.

The flag waves along Western Ave., put up by Chicago firefighters for their fallen comrade firefighter Daniel Capuano on Dec. 17, 2015 in Chicago. (Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune/TNS)

We all know about that local park that’s always right around the corner, and most know that these parks are owned and maintained by the federal government, more specifically, the state. According to the Congressional Research Service, 28% of all the land in the United States is owned by the federal government. This means that the U.S. government is the largest landowner in America. There are a number of services that manage and maintain these lands. These services include the Forest Service, the National Park Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The Unites States military also operates on these lands. Also according the Congressional Research Service, 52% of the land in the 11 western states and Alaska belongs to the U.S. government. This information really puts things into perspective, as individuals own a minuscule amount of land compared to the federal government.