The $2 Million Dime

Graphic of coins.

This past Thursday, a coin collector paid around $2 million for one dime. This is not just your average dime however, it is an 1864-S Barber. This particular dime is one of the rarest in the world. There were about 3 million produced in San Francisco and only ten are currently accounted for. So where are most of these coins? Most historians say because of a major financial crisis in 1893, less than twenty went into circulation. This is not the only case where someone has paid a large amount of money for an ancient coin. At an auction in 2013, a silver dollar from 1794 sold for $10,016,875. The 1804 dollar and the 1913 nickel are also very rare American currencies that sell at these large auctions. There is one such auction currently going on from January 6th to 11th at Heritage Auctions if you are interested in multi-million dollar nickels.