Obama Bans Microbeads


President Barack Obama recently signed a bipartisan bill that bans the sales of any products containing microbeads. Microbeads are very small plastic balls that are used in toothpastes, shower gels, foot scrubs, face masks and facewashes. Because of the microbeads’ stature (less than five millimeters in length), there are over eight trillion forming in aquatic environments every day. This amount of microbeads is enough to cover three-hundred tennis courts every day. Because the beads are plastic, they don’t dissolve. Many are worried about the animals that mistake the beads for food. Right now, researchers are looking to find out the health effects of marine animals digesting the plastic beads. Scientists are also looking to see if the chemicals in the plastic are transferred to humans when they digest the animals that consume the microbeads. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are heading up the research and studies. The bill that Obama signed seems to protect the nation’s waterways.