North Korean Aircraft in DMZ

Barbed wire and guard posts are seen along the highway leading north from Seoul to the DMZ, June 16, 2010. (Tom Lasseter/MCT)

The island of Korea has been at war for the past 65 years because of the communist takeover in the north. Towards the end of America’s involvement in the war, outside forces set up a demilitarized zoned along the 38th parallel. As this region is supposed to contain no military personal or weapons, the aggressive North Koreans decided to test these boundaries on Wednesday. An unidentified drone approached the DMZ, startling the South Koreans. However, after a brief burst of machine gun fire towards the aircraft, it quickly turned around and headed back towards the north. It was not clear if the drone was armed or what its mission was. Regardless, moves like this are increasing in number and strike fear in the South Koreans as the possibility of another Korean war is imminent.