Who’s Who At BHS: Rachel Inskeep


Rachel Lynn Inskeep was brought into this great world on June 23, 1999 by her parents Chris and Jennifer Inskeep as their second child. She was preceded by her older sister, Katherine, who is in college at Notre Dame, and is followed by the adolescent Derek, who remains in 8th grade. She has run Cross Country and Track since 7th grade ans is currently tackling her 7th year of Quiz Bowl under the totalitarian dictatorship of Mr. Daniel Grime. Miss Inskeep was appointed as a full-time Online Paw Print Editor this year. Rachel spends most of her time at her job at Aeropostale or with her friends. Rachel is more commonly known by her colleagues as “Ratch”. Ratch’s favorite color is blue and upon asking her what her favorite food is, she responded, “There are too many to pick from.” Be sure to yell “Hey” at her when you see her in the halls.