Who’s Who At BHS: Drew King


Drew Daniel King was born October 21st, 1999 at Lima Memorial Hospital. His parents’ names are Jeff and Krista. Drew is a sophomore here at Bath High School and involved in many school sports. Those sports are baseball and football, which he intendeds on playing next year. Some of Drew’s favorite things to do are to watch football and hang out with his lovely girlfriend, Bryana Twining, who also attends Bath High School. His favorite holiday is Christmas but he does not like Christmas music or movies. Drew also enjoys several different foods, since that is all we talk about, like gummy bears, McDonalds, and Texas Roadhouse. Drew has one sibling whose name is Chase. He graduated from Bath in 2014 and now attends Bluffton University. Drew plans on heading out to Apollo next year to study sports science and he wants to be involved in the same in college, unless he gets a job before hand. If you see Drew in the hallways here at Bath, make sure to say “Hey!”