The Sloth Lady


‘The Sloth Lady’ Monique Pool has been rescuing wild animals, particularly sloths, for over ten years. She lives in Suriname, a South American country. Her love for sloths started in 2005 when she was searching for a dog. Pool called the Animal Protection Society and was informed that a baby sloth’s parents had died, and she offered to take it. At first, Pool says she knew nothing about how to care for sloths or what to do with the baby she had taken in. She has made a lot of progress over the years, as she now receives all the calls about injured or orphaned sloths in her area. “The police, the fire brigade—even the zoo calls me.” Monique says. Although she is known for her sloths, Monique also takes in armadillos, porcupines, and anteaters. Her nonprofit organization, Green Heritage Fund Suriname, helps to protect sloths. Pool says that she gets about one call per week on average. Suriname is 94% forest, and is therefore the home to many sloths. “When I release a sloth, I feel really happy because the animal is where he belongs. That’s the ultimate goal of my work,” Pool said. “Wild animals belong in the wild.”