Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees


The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced that it will be inducting ¬†five new members into the hall of fame. They include Cheap Trick, Chicago, Steve Miller, Deep Purple, and NWA. Cheap Trick is an American rock band. They formed in 1973 then later released their first album in 1977. Chicago started in 1967 they focused on protest and political songs before discovering that the money was in Rock’n’Roll songs. Steve Miller was raised in Dallas, but later moved to San Francisco and formed The Steve Mill Blues Band. Deep Purple was formed in Hertfordshire, UK in 1968. Deep Purple started as a progressive rock band before transitioning into a heavy metal band. NWA was formed in 1986. Their first album was a double platinum called Straight Outta Compton. They brought gangster rap into the mainstream.