Family Sells Everything to Travel and Donate


Twenty-five year old Garrett Gee created his first app while studying at Brigham Young University. From there, him and two other designers worked together to make a company named Scan Inc. Recently in December, Snapchat bought Scan Inc. for $54 million. Garrett and his wife Jessica and two kids packed up and decided to sell most of their possessions and travel around the world while donating money to different people and families along the way. “We are always looking at ways we can help others, rather than focusing on ourselves,” said Jessica. They were donating privately, but recently they promised publically to pay for LASIK surgery (an eyesight correcting surgery), for five different people. Jessica had a LASIK surgery done herself, and she said that these people have hard lives and it’s hard to choose just a small amount to give to them. The Gee family is going to come back for the holidays, then after that they are back on the road- although they are not sure where and what they want to go and do.