Beijing Pollution Levels Reaches New High


On November 30th, Beijing recorded its highest level of air pollution of the year. The thick smog lays over the city currently and limited people’s visibility to just a few hundred yards. City monitors warn that these levels of pollutants are very dangerous. Orange alert, the second highest measure of danger, was issued. This required children to stay indoors for school activities and have many plants to reduce their production. The levels of hazardous PM2.5 particles in the air exceeded six hundred micrograms per cubic meter at several monitoring sites late Monday afternoon. Suburban areas outside of the big city of Beijing reached a high of 976 micrograms. These are insanely high numbers when, According to The World Health Organization, the safest level of PM2.5 particles is only twenty five micrograms in a cubic meter per day. The city is working to clean up the pollution to fix the problem and make the air able to be inhaled. Many heaters from citizens homes were turned back on due to the cold weather which is said to be the cause of the extreme air pollution.