Why Three Day Weekends Should be a Thing


There are many reasons that have been studied and researched lately about the connection between work and health. The Science of Us says that you should spend some of the time during your three day weekend learning how to argue for less working hours. Here are just a few of the many reasons why overworking, can literally kill you, and also some benefits that three day weekends might have.

The Lancet came up with a meta-analysis last month that compared the connection between work and heart disease. Through this, they were able to study 600,000 men and women from America, Europe, and Australia. Adults that work over fifty-five hours a week have a thirty-three percent higher risk of experiencing a stroke than adults who work less than forty hours per week. Also, the worker of over fifty-five hours a week has thirteen percent higher chance of having heart disease than the average forty hour working person.

When you work too much it makes your body tired and when you’re tired, you’re more likely to be cranky. People lacking in rest pick fights with the people closest to them more than people who have enough sleep.

Again, people who work less than forty hours a week are able to get more sleep, and get to sleep easier than the ones who work fifty-five hours or more. The reason for this is that working longer hours is less time to relax, and relaxation is an important part to prevent sleep-onset insomnia.

It would be awesome if one day, the norm was to have a three day weekend, but until that day we have to keep trudging through the five day workweek.