NFL Fines Player for Supporting Breast Cancer Month


DeAngelo Williams and Cameron Heyward have battled with the Pittsburgh Steelers over their crusade against cancer. Williams wore eye black that said, “We Will Find A Cure” with the breast cancer ribbon and the league fined him $5757 for supporting this cause, which is very close to him. In early October, Williams requested to wear pink all season long in hopes of raising awareness for the disease that took his mother’s life in May of 2014, but the NFL denied him. This isn’t the only bizarre thing about the situation. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler says, “Williams hasn’t just been wearing “Find A Cure” eye black this October; he’s been sporting it for five years now, and this is his first time being fined. Ironically, his first fine just so happens during breast cancer awareness month.” The NFL hasn’t just fined Williams, they’ve also fined Heyward twice this month for writing “IRON” and “HEAD” on his eye black to honor his father who died of brain cancer in 2006. Some people are highly upset about the players being fined, and others defend the NFL’s decision to abide by the uniform policy.

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